Different Ways to Style your TWA

by - Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Photo via @teenyweenyafros

*TWA- TeenyWeenyAfro

Anybody on TWA? Well,  that makes you and one other person (me). You will agree with me that having your short afro on for too long becomes very boring. But with some inspiration, you will snap out of the boredom.

  • Gel and Style
Gels make your TWA softer and easier to Style. Dampen a little with water, apply Gel liberally and style as you wish. You can use clamp pins to hold down areas you want to have a lay, smooth effect. Any kind of gel can do this job- black or white.

  • Dye it
Cheers to the daring and experimental you. Colours are fun if you don't mind, it will help to spice up your TWA. You can go for temporary dyes and sprays for a start and find what works for you. I would go for the gold colour if I were to dye my TWA.

Photo via @mane_chicks
  •  Go Kinky
Kinkys are perfect for long term styling. They can be on for as long as you want,  only maintain them to bliss.

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Photo via @kynxx1
  •  Side Part
Just a simple side part can make the difference. Side parting can change your whole facial outlook in seconds. Don't worry about long term hair style damage,  it'll close up in a while.
  •  Adorn
Just simple adornments can spice up your TWA. You can also go for more dramatic ones. Chains, ribbons, scarves, fashion pins etc. are just perfect. This will be perfect just after the big chop.
TWA adornment after the big chop
Photo via @berrydagenerous
  •  Individual finger coils
Dampen your hair,  apply some oil (e.g olive oil) and use a styler Gel (e.g Eco Styler Gel). Use fingers to coil up strands of your TWA and you have your finger coils. Easy,  isn't it?
TWA style
How do you style your TWA?

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