My Hair Washing Routine

by - Wednesday, June 08, 2016

To grow healthy hair you should have a hair care regimen. It gets your roots accustomed to the treatment and makes it easier for you to manage hair care especially if you are busy.


I wash my hair once every two weeks. This means that no matter the hair style, it is out in two weeks. For dreads and braids however, I take it on for a month which means that I don’t get to wash it in a month. I wash this frequently to reduce itching as a result of hair dandruff. Excessive oil accumulation also affects hair growth so I wash off the oil.

For days when I have no weave on I wash weekly because of the hair products I apply. These attract dust. Washing frequently also affords me the opportunity to massage my hair. Massaging stimulates growth from the roots.

Method of Washing

I co-wash (cleansing the hair with conditioner), shampoo and then co-wash.

I start with the conditioner to make my hair wet and ready. I also do that so I don’t have to use the shampoo twice. Shampoos have a way of stripping the hair of oil. Co-washing the second time is to soften my hair strands.


I squeeze out as much water as I can and towel dry by patting the towel on my head. I don’t rub to prevent tangling. I allow my hair to naturally dry; no heat whatsoever is applied. I apply heat only when I want to wash in between braids.

What does your hair washing routine look like?

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