Weekend Links #6

by - Friday, June 10, 2016

Weekend links

Heyo pumpkins, how has the week been so far? I finally defended my project proposal today and it was.... well,  okay. Like just okay. That I am done with that for the next step is a relief. Just before I go off for the weekend, I will like to share with you some Weekend Links.

Indonesia approves death penalty for child rapists 

"An extraordinary crime deserves an exceptional  response". You know,  I have been wondering why there are no stricter punishments in other countries but I believe that this is the beginning, many other countries will follow suit. We need our innocent children back.

How I saved my marriage 

This is an article you should read if you are married or in a relationship. It helped me navigate through the stress and strain on my relationship. It was just a timely article my friend shared with me. Enjoy it too, it is a good weekend link.

Watch TD Jakes explain relationship matters 

Oh,  yes,  still on marriage and singleness. Many stuff are still not properly understood. This video should help you get in some facts and establish new necessary principles.

Alicia Keys goes make up free

Alicia Keys is just awesome. Revelation of her thoughts and moves concerning concealing and hiding under makeup is commendable. Who would think this of a celebrity, a public figure,  actually?

12 Natural hair bloggers to follow 

Here is a compilation of 12 Nigerian hair bloggers for you to follow.

And I just love this picture of Alicia Keys giving tribute to Muhammad Ali 

What's your weekend going to be like? Did you find any of these weekend links interesting?

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