Does Eating Eggs Make You Fat?

by - Saturday, August 05, 2017

Does Egg Make me Fat?
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Does egg make me fat? Is it okay to eat an egg or more a day? What about the egg yolk, must I discard to maintain my weight? Do hard boiled eggs make you gain weight? These have been age long questions and there is no assurance that we will stop asking them anytime soon. Weight loss enthusiasts and nutritionists seem to have a clash on this issue. This blog post is to help you clearly understand the pros and cons of eating eggs, whether they make you fat and whether they actually increase your blood cholesterol. So, read on and find some insight.

I grew up amongst women who bad-mouthed eggs so much that it was a sweet luxury for us. If at all they ate eggs, they would discard the egg yolk. It was therefore natural for me to walk on egg shells around eggs. It was in fact common to associate any woman’s fat to her daily or almost daily consumption of eggs. The accused women themselves agreed and confessed that they couldn’t help it; they just enjoyed eggs. 

The concerns surrounding eating eggs (boiled, fried, as omelets,in egg rolls etc.) and their getting you fat revolves around two facts: they are high in cholestersol and fat. The average weight looser therefore assumes that avoiding eggs or eating only the whites will be the best bet. These worries are valid because 60% of the nutritional breakdown of eggs is attributed to fat. 

But here is the darn truth about eggs and getting fat: one egg contains only 70 calories with a good balance of protein and fat. Protein has the incredible advantage making you feel fuller for a long time. People who are concerned about the weighing balance numbers can start off the morning with a breakfast rich in eggs. This will help to increase satiety and decrease hunger cravings. In fact, a study published by the International Journal of Obesity observed that dieters who ate two eggs for breakfast  for five days out of the week lost 65% more weight than those who consumed a bagel. It was also concluded that “the egg breakfast enhances weight loss, when combined with an energy-deficit diet, but does not induce weight loss in a free-living condition.”

Greater news is that eating eggs do not raise your cholesterol levels in any significant or worrisome way. We have the dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol. We are led to believe that dietary cholesterol have a great, significant effect on blood cholesterol but that is not exactly true. If anything, eating eggs increases the levels of good cholesterol. There’s little, if any, relationship between dietary and blood cholesterol.

You also do not have to consume your eggs raw to effect weight check. Hard boiled eggs are nutritious and to your favour if you are watching your weight.

Concluding that eating egg yolks has no negative effect is safe. It is also safe to conclude that eggs do not make you fat. So you can eat eggs without nursing the fear of weight gain and increased cholesterol level. However, care must be taken as to how you prepare them because boiled eggs as a matter of fact are better alternatives to fried eggs.

 An egg a morning, in fact is a great way to start a nutritious day so discard the idea that eating eggs everyday makes you fat. Enjoy your eggs.

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