How to Get Over Your Ex and Finally Move on

by - Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Get over your ex

We cannot deny how painful it is to be walked out on. If doesn't make it any easier still if it is a case of mutual agreement to separation. Getting over an ex you love can take its own big emotional toll on you,  no doubt. In fact,  this process is capable of bringing some other very important aspects of your life to a halt. Some women so crazy that they ended up in  psychiatric wards. Others have confessed that no matter how hard they tried to mask it,  getting over there ex's wasn't easy.

Even if you didn't love him as much,  there's is still a part of you that seriously grieves and that is because you shared something with him. You would grieve if you lost a very good friend with whom you had no romance with. It's that difficult,  it's that difficult to get over your ex and finally move on. You should understand that what you feel is perfectly normal and that other people also had difficulty in getting over their ex's; they only didn't tell you about it. So,  be assured that you are not just being overly emotional.

They cried,  you still probably cry too. They quit some important things in their lives,  you possibly have done that already too. They blamed themselves,  blamed their partners,  blamed circumstances,  you might have been there too. In fact,  seeing them move on and date other girls may make you feel worse but guess what? All these are normal. Everything! This blog post is to help you learn practical ways to get over him,  move on and live a fabulous life afterwards.

Allow Yourself to Grieve

What you feel now is only temporary and it's okay to allow it span. It's okay to take time to cry and express yourself in tears. No matter how distracted you were from the relationship,  you would feel the loss, except you were totally out of the loving process in the first place. To get over your ex,  you should not shut the door to your emotions gateway because you will only bottle up too much inside and explode later on.

Confide in a Friend

Talk to a confidant,  an older person preferably. It doesn't mean you are doing that for advice in particular,  this is just to allow you talk. By talking,  you let out the steam. While you talk about it,  you unleash some of the thoughts inside of you,  some of your perceptions to the matter. In fact, you get to find a reason for yourself to move on while you do this. If you don't get things clearer immediately,  don't worry. Just keep talking when you feel the need to. Hopefully,  your confidant is a trusted person who wouldn't mind listening to you all night.


Get rid of anything that will make you remember him. Gifts,  messages,  call history, stickers, anything that is within reach and is enough to make you feel bad. This will aid the process of getting over your ex quickly. Keeping things that make you remember him and causes you to feel sad all over again isn't a sign of maturity. It is important that you think about yourself now,  and damn every form of societal expectations. Rearrange your space and free things up.

Have fun and try something new

You will quickly get over your ex if you keep your mind occupied with something new or something you would rather look forward to. It could be the next class in your new Language course or your next stop during a nice travel or vacation. Get out and mingle with your friends again. Chances are that you even lost a few of your friends to your relationship. Reestablish communication or build new friendships. Be busy having fun.

Cut all forms of communication  with him for a while

No matter how hard we try to prove it,  it is usually difficult to get over your ex and move on if you still allow communication. Even if you agreed to stay friends,  temporarily cut all forms of communication. This will speed up the process of getting over him. Don't entertain chats or messages in a bid to stay friends,  it will hurt you more. Be more attentive to getting over your ex than trying to be modest or humble or nice or anything.

Getting over your ex may seem very difficult at first but if you try out these suggestions,  the process will become easier.

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  1. These are great tips, Esther. Especially cutting off all forms of communication.

    1. Thank you Mabel. Cutting off communication speeds up recovery.

  2. Though the focus of this write up is the female sex. But at least, I was able to gather some pieces to heal my present predicament... Thx Esther