On Your Menstrual Period? 10 Effortless Ways to be Comfortable.

by - Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Menstrual period happiness

This time of the month can be very challenging, your menstruation period. For busy women, it is more challenging especially if they work long hours before short breaks. Over the years, women have adopted ways to ease the uncomfortable feeling during this period. This article is to help you find ways to feel at ease when you are on.

Use baby wipes liberally

Baby wipes come in handy when it is time to change into a new pad outside your home. Changing your pad in a public toilet or a friend’s house may feel uncomfortable. Using Baby wipes is a good substitute for water.

Have an extra pad with you

For when you have to change, have an extra pad and a little tissue. It is important to also have a space in your bag when you can keep a stick of pad. It will make you feel at ease because running around during unforeseen situations can be quite disturbing.

Change your sanitary pad often

This helps to avoid the messy feeling ‘down there’. When I am very stained I feel uncomfortable. It also helps me understand why nannies cry so much when they are wet with pee or poo.

Try to wear dark clothes if you are worried about leakage

It gives you confidence to work around without fear of being noticed. If you have an heavy flow or are not confident about your pad not shifting, wear dark bottoms.

Deal with your cramps

Cramps can be quite draining especially if you have to go to work. To have a good day, it will help to get pain relievers or drugs that will treat menstrual cramps.

Try to take your mind off it

Get busy, visit friends and be happy. It is very easy to become moody and down but making those few days like normal days will help and bring some relief. Go to the cinema, attend gatherings, watch a local play and laugh it off.

Eat healthy

You will agree with me that you are more likely to crave for junks more when you are on than on days when you are off. Too much of sugar intake will affect your blood sugar level. This may increase your cramps and cause a spike in your stress levels. Fruits and vegetables will ease your bowels, help your digestion which will in turn make you feel better.

Shower more frequently

If you are able to, get in the shower and be clean. A warm bath will relieve you and make you calmer. Twice or thrice daily during your period is in order. Local washing of your pubic area will also relieve you.

Use a panty liner while expecting your period
Just before your period, when you are not sure about start date, it is okay to use panty liners in the interim. Having to guess, hope and worry about your period when you are out can cause quite some discomfort.

Drink lots of water

I will advise that you be careful here. Having to pull down stained panties to pee as a result of a considerable amount of water intake can  be as uncomfortable as anything. The key is timing. Taking water, especially warm water will help relieve the bloat but make sure its one or two hours before going out or to bed.

Your menstrual period shouldn't be hell for you, these tips will help you feel comfortable. Any other tips you want to share with us?

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