Top 8 Surefire Ways to Shop Smarter and Save Money

by - Saturday, July 16, 2016

Shop Smarter

Do you want to shop smarter? Everybody or almost everybody wants to. Shopping can be fun and exciting ; it can also be a bad experience if you find out that you have spent all your savings. What essentially then was the purpose of developing a savings culture if you had to spend all in one shopping trip?

Shopping smarter is a deliberate action,  an intentional move inspired by some set of financial goals. The more you shop smarter and save some money,  the more financially stable you become and who doesn't want that? We all do,  I do,  so read on to find ways to shop smartly.

1. Cross-check Your Receipt For Errors

This isn't a negative move like most people think. They assume that being particular about correctness of charging and right totalling signifies money obsession but this is not so,  it is a smarter way to make sure you are not being cheated. The cashier or whoever totalling is not above the mistake of overcharging you. It would hurt more to discover this days after,  when you can no longer return the good. So,  cross-check your receipt for errors.

2. Shop With Cash At Hand

This is one very important tip. We are likely to overspend when we have our credit or debit card with us. Having cash with you also means that you do not pick up your cards alongside. Take exactly what you need and just a little extra to cater for unexpected increase in prices.

3. Make a List Before You Shop

Always have a budget. Don't go to shop without knowing all that you want to buy. Make a list,  write alongside the prices. This will also help you know how much to have on you. It is wise to keep receipts of past purchases as that will give you a better estimate of what you are listing.

4. Choose Quality Over Quantity

Quantity is never the answer. How many of those impulse buys have you found out was best? Quality should always be a priority. Buy one good black skirt,  don't buy five cheaper black skirts. Quality might be a little more expensive but it's definitely worth it. That's smart shopping.

5. Buy New Products in Smaller Quantities

When you are not sure of a brand or product,  buy them in Smaller quantity if you are doing a bulk purchase. To avoid wastage or regrets, try them out first and then decide whether to buy more or switch to something better.

6. Don't Stick to Only One Shopping Mall

Compare prices! That is what smart shoppers do. I guess you must have picked that up from mothers. They compare prices a lot,  they take so much of time in the market to haggle I'm different places and then make the best purchase. That to us,  is smart shopping. Don't be forced to pick up any item you know is overpriced.

7. Don't Shop Alone if You Can

If you have a friend who knows how to haggle well,  you can go shopping together. You get to learn from her and then save money while shopping. This is especially important when buying groceries. With someone else,  it is also easier to never think of buying anything unnecessary.

8. Carefully Inspect Before Paying

This goes for groceries,  clothes, furniture, kitchen utensils and any other thing that could be damaged. Some sellers mix bad and good stuff together to make sure they get their profits. It's left to you as a smart shopper to recognize that and move on ahead to another seller.

To shop smartly,  you need to first of all decide and then take action. These tips will help you save money and be happy with a good buy. Shop smarter!

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