5 Times You Should Not Shop

by - Thursday, August 04, 2016

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You will agree that on return from some of your shopping escapades you have had to ask what the hell you were doing in the market or shopping mall in the first place. You either bought too much of what you didn't need or nothing of what you really needed. It's not out of place to have these experiences once or twice in a lifetime even if you are the most prudent for Africa.

There are situations you have had to watch your spending but still ended up shopping on impulse or buying unnecessary things. This blog post is here for you. We are going to discuss when not to step out of your house in a bid to shop. And oh,  there is shopping online too, don't worry sweeties,  we will talk about when not to click that 'order'. Okay,  so let's move on. You should not shop when:

1. You Just Got Your Salary

Do you know that kinda joy you get when your phone beeps on alert , yeah,  that joy could be your bane. You want to buy everything on your lust list. You forget instantly that there are supposed to be priorities and that there will be need to save. Do not attempt to shop when you have just been paid. Calm down,  get over the overwhelming joy and then strategize and plan.

2. You Are Hungry

Have you ever overeaten because you were damn too hungry? Everybody has at one point or the other in their lives. So,  you see,  don't fall into that trap of over shopping at this time. You want to quickly munch the crackers and binge on the chocolate. You begin to wonder if one carton of spaghetti will ever be enough at all.

3. You Are Bored

If you are going to browse the Internet when you are bored,  it's totally fine,  just don't go to any shopping sites. No,  do not. Shopping requires a little bit of logistic effort. I know that you shouldn't become a slave to your money but if you buy everything that you come by on the Internet just because it is trendy or glittering or 'too valuable',  you would end up regretting it after a long time.

4. You Don't Have a Shopping List

So,  I can't stress this enough. Do not go our to shop without a Shopping List. I think that should be one of the basic things to put in mind before going out to the market or shopping mall. Take time to draft a list, cross out what is unnecessary and buy only what you have in there.

5. You Are Tired

We all know how poorly and snappy our choices are when we are tired right? We want to do that activity and get out of there fast. You don't properly check your purchase. Your groceries may have majority of spoilt ones but you don't care right? You are too tired. Whenever you are tired,  postpone shopping. You can become tired even during shopping, postpone shopping the rest for another day.

Well,  now that you know when not to shop,  get a grip of yourself when you are tempted to shop at this 'money draining' times. Happy shopping!

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