Don't Give Up

by - Monday, August 08, 2016

Movie scene of Omotola Jalade feeling sad and ready to give up.
Many a time,  giving up is usually the easy way out of troubles and pressing circumstances. To give up would seem the only way to finally solve the problem and have some peace. Problem however is that in many cases,  the problem resurfaces, maybe not in the exact way it did,  but in another way. If peradventure the problem doesn't come up in another way, giving up would mean that you did not persist through and you have not learned lessons supposed to be learned in how to overcome circumstances like that or similar ones.

Let me lend you a tip : until you learn those lessons,  life continues to present these troubles to you. So,  you see?  The sooner you learn them,  the easier it will be to overcome a next challenge. Giving up would only mean postponing the 'evil' until a later time.

One of my favourite life thoughts is that problems pass with time. Whatever you are facing right now may not be present anymore in hours,  weeks,  months or years to come. So why not tackle and deal with it. It would be far better to gain victory now than to bow out because of pressure.

Look within,  there is usually a solution not far fetched. Don't give up on your dreams,  goals, pursuits in life,  aspirations. Don't give up on that friend,  family member,  colleague,  your spouse. Don't give up on your health,  relationship, finances or academics. There is always light at the end of he tunnel, don't give up.

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