For Men Who Love Their Women: 4 Guaranteed Tips For When She is Silent

by - Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Black woman keeping silent
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The woman psychology is one that has given even psychologists a lil' tough time. Yeah,  right . I once saw a meme that looked like five oxford dictionaries combined together with the caption; “How To Understand Women – Volume 1” and another that looked like a simple 20 page jotter with the caption; “Understanding Men – The Complete Volume”.

While this may not hold true for all and sundry, generally speaking, women are beings who require an extra effort to understand. It is simply the way they are wired or configured.

Men have found it very difficult to cope with this fact and failure to understand them could result in grave consequences. While many may argue that men are impatient when it comes to understanding women, one of the signs a woman will always look out for in a man is his patience during those tough times.

A woman needs a man who can handle situations when she is not calm. There can’t be two sailors in a ship. Two masters cannot own a servant. Two wrongs can never make a right. However, all these originate from the fact that a man understands a lady from how she acts and what she says. He is able to add some few things together and have a clear manner of approach.

Now the big question! What do you do when is silent? What do you do when she wouldn't even speak to you? 

She is clearly not herself but she is not talking. She is not giving any glimpse or an iota of what could possibly be wrong. This is the point where the man needs to read in between the lines. It is at this point where a man needs to hear her screams while she remains silent.

Some steps to take may include but not limited to these:

1. Give her some privacy – this could be dicey. Some ladies want closure at this time. They want the physical affection. So, the first thing is to understand your partner’s love language. If she does not categorically state that she needs some privacy, you could attempt a move.

2. Watch her mood – while this may require you to spy on her for a moment, be careful. If she looks disoriented, you may want to allow her calm her nerves. Her mood and reaction to things at that time will tell you whether or not to proceed.

3. Play her favorite song – there is a song that we all enjoy irrespective of the situation or circumstance we find ourselves. You can attempt to sing it for her from a distance via phone call even if you are in the same house.

4. to her – start a conversation and watch observe her response. How she responds will give you a clue on how to proceed. While she may be struggling to come out of the shell, surprise her by taking her out. It doesn’t necessarily need to be the expensive outing. Just a change of environment can bring her back to herself.

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