Jenifa's Diary Season 5 (Review and Download)

by - Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Jenifa's diary season 5 image and poster

Jenifa's Diary Season 5 is out and it's stronger and better. This season is loaded with a lot of lessons and humor. I must confess, this one was a fabulously neat movie experience. Whoever said that making serious meaning out of comedy is impossible lied. Jenifa's diary achieved that and more. They flowed and enjoyed their roles.

The actors powerfully portrayed their characters and I particularly enjoyed Toyo baby. That damsel is a natural actress. I couldn't get enough of the main characters because the cast selection and combination was epic with:

Funke Akindele as Jenifa
Juliana Olayode as Toyosi (Toyo baby)
Lota Agwu as Kiki
Jumoke Aderonmu as Esther
Omotunde Adebowale (Comedienne Lolo)  as Adaku
Michael Uba as James
Joy Nice as Pelumi
Jerry Smart as Randy
Jide Awobona as Sam
Amina Ndim as Benny

You can download the complete episodes of Jenifa's Diary here:

Download Season 5 Complete Episodes 

I am currently making a compilation of lessons from Jenifa's Diary Season 5. I will paste a link here to the post as soon as it is up on the blog.

Update: Here is the link I promised - Jenifa's Diary Season 5 Lessons 

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