Long Distance Relationships : Proven Ways to Make it Work

by - Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Sad girl in a long distance relationship about to board a train

Long distance relationships may seem to be a lot of work. It might be exciting at first,  but if you are not careful,  you may lose the romance and excitement as time passes. Truth is that love is not dependent on distance. In fact,  the stronger you are when you are apart,  the better it is for you. You have all the freedom to assess the relationship and value it more. couples in  long distance relationships are proof that you don't have to see your partner everyday to fall in love every single moment. Except the love you share is highly dependent on physical looks and sexual Intercourse,  long distance relationships help you know your partner better if you are both open to each other.

Long distance relationships are also superb for one thing: you don't have family and friends interfering for a while. Both of you have all the time to yourselves to love and learn how to love each other properly before third parties begin to come in gradually. In order to avoid a long distance relationship fail, I have outlined in this blog post six proven ways to make the sail a safe,  exciting and romantic one.

1. Talk About the Seemingly Unimportant Things

The little details of living can help to foster intimacy when you discuss them. Talk about the new curtains,  your plan to buy an electric cooker,  what you think about the new data subscription bundle for your network,  why you chose to cook rice instead of beans. Long distance relationships do not only have to have serious conversations to appear 'purposeful'.  In fact,  the more serious your conversations are,  the more boring you would turn out as partners.

2. Establish a better Communication Pattern

Try to experiment and work around different methods and channels. Text,  email, chat,  call, video chat etc. One will surely be comfortable for both of you. Not understanding what works well for both of you may cause a glitch and that's why it is important to be particular about this aspect of the relationship. For partners living in different time zones, agree on what time 'd be comfortable for both of you. Each one of you may have to compromise as needed so that you get to talk at least once in a day.

3. Do Things Together

Pick a common book,  TV series,  movie etc. and see it together. Share your lessons and thoughts.Have fun laughing over a funny scene or one that reminds you of an awkward moment. This helps to facilitate bonding. Long distance relationships can also foster intimacy,  it depends on how you run it.

4. Avoid Overcommunication

Now care has to be taken here. Remember that we said that you should establish a communication pattern. There is always a temptation to make up for distance by excessively communicating and being in touch. Communicating doesn't mean talking 12 hours a day and talking about every damn thing. This kills the spice and reduces the mysterious expectation of your partner. Regulating and keeping a little distance helps you to miss each other and long for the next time you'd communicate.

5. Make Visits as Often as You Can

As often as you can visit each other. Make sure that whenever have a chance to get toget her,  make use of the opportunity. Holidays and days off work are best for seeing each other. Make it fun by planning surprises,  initiate romance by visiting places you would like to together. Let there be a little bit of spontaneity.

6. Practice Honesty and Transparency

Don't play games with each other,  that discourages trust. It doesn't help either of you to be manipulative. Playing smart doesn't help any relationship - short or long distance. The more transparent and open you are,  the better it is for your future. Let your partner know about an ailment that disturbs you. Date only one person at a time. Don't use the long distance as an excuse to cheat,  it affects smoothness in the relationship.

Long distance relationships can work,  are you willing to let yours? It's all about investing in your relationship,  so, learn from these tips and have fun with your partner. Love!

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  1. Communication is definitely most important
    And about the important things too, not just how the other person's day went
    But the tiny details that we rather keep bottled in
    Nice job!

    1. Exactly, Ima.

      "tiny details that we rather keep bottled up" Thank you also for stopping by.


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