Moodiness? Worry? Ways to Snap Out of it

by - Monday, August 22, 2016

Depressed white girl with a sad countenance

Guest Post by Emeka Ndububa

We all have our cloudy days, for the women folk, it's much worse. There is tendency to swing from bad mood, to mild depression in the course of one’s lifetime (or even chronic depression, depending on the individual). Situations summon clouds that darken our day – a pimple, acne, rising prices of goods in the market to complex situations such as heartbreaks, sense of regret/failure and loss of loved ones. It is entirely humane to worry about these things but unfortunately, worrying in corrosive in nature and does harm in the later end.

Before I suggest ways to snap out of worrying, let me give you some interesting facts about worrying.

Worrying makes the skin cells age faster, making you have wrinkles, (especially your face region). Worrying makes the size of brain cells shrink permanently. Causing short-term memory loss. Yeah right, Google that

But to stop worrying…easier said than done

I personally have experienced depression firsthand. My final year as an undergraduate was the worst season - frowned so much, that anytime I made an attempt to laugh, my forehead muscles would hurt because they were used to being folded. When I couldn’t meet up with my project, depression became worse and I had a case of ulcer that was ‘psychologically induced’ (according what doctors told me. I was skipping meals and not sleeping well). I also had the worse asthma attacks (I was subjected to Jaja Clinic under oxygen tanks frequently) then. Mehn! Never want to go back to that episode again. Moodiness still comes but my recovery speed is way better than before. You can deal with this too, if you put yourself to it.


I may not know much but I think people who worry a lot are self-centered. By this I mean they are so absorbed with 'Self', (especially their flaws and deficiences this time) they don't see anything is right with the world. That is why a girl suffering from heartbreak will type on her facebook wall 'all men are wicked'. When I heard of a father of two kids who commited suicide because he lost his wife, the love of his life, I thought to myself, now that's the height of selfishness. He was so absorbed of his loss he didn't think of his more vulnerable kids who will walk this wide, wicked world alone. Most times, moody, depressed people unconsiously seek to infect others with their mood. Don't let that be you. Think of your family's happiness, those who are less privileged than you. You don't have to start a charity organisation before you touch someone's life. Taking away that 'sorry-for-me' look to begin with, a smile, a hug, a word of encouragement can make someone else day.


Nope, it doesn't solve nada.  I was thinking on this worry issue and it struck me this way: If a problem can be likened to a skin irritation, worry would just be like 'scratching' (which is pretty humane and impulsive to do) and you know scratching and scratching doesn't usually solve it, most time we scratch until our skin ruptures into a sore which makes it all worse. I'm sure I'm not the only one guilty of this. Leave the impulse to scratch and get anti-septics please. Meaning, don't worry, plan to get solutions instead. Ask yourself, "What next?" Instead of sulking over the past. That lovely brain that God gave you will go to work.


Whatever phase you are going through will pass. Like Prince Ea hinted, "You are the sky, no matter how blacken you out, like everything, they will come and will go."

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If that was cmforting, let me give some harsh truth. As long as we are in this world, we will never run out of having problems and challenges, there will be moments of rest but don't plan to experience a stress-free lifem it is best we get used to this fact. But whatever we encounter, we have been engineered to overcome. Back to my depression story, When I at last submitted my project in late and I sat on the corridor of my department, apprehensive with fear and negative thoughts that some of my papers will not be okay and I will repeat the session, a comforting thought popped up. Like from that movie 'Inside Out'. This thought was from the past, I had just written JAMB and was very confident I will nail it cuz I prepared hard. But before the results came out I lost my JAMB slip which had my ID no. I couldn't remember my number fully and I was having troubling logging in online to check my scores. While others were checking, I couldn't.

I guess my dad's patience ran out and he said something like I had failed the exam and have come with the lie of losing my slip. Lord, I cried like a girl in my room cuz I know the effort I put in. I felt God and everyone was against me. I even thought of jumping from the first floor to end it all but thank God I didn't. To cut the story short, a couple of days later, with the help of my cousin, I got to see my JAMB score of 252 and that's how I got into the University of Ibadan. On reflecting upon that, my face forced a small smile. And I knew, I would get out of this one too. And I did. So if there are challenges you are facing, you'd break through them and face bigger ones tomorrow.


Personally, I have discovered that I suffered depression most when I was far away from God. Let's face it, no matter how powerful we are, we are still limited and we will always need God. Problems may not get solved outrightly but God guarantees peace in the midst of life storm.

I wish you all the best in life. Stay worry-free

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