Take a Stand

by - Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Woman. Take a Stand

 'Take a Stand' Article by Folorunsho Omotola

Does the ground always feel like a comfortable place to sit? Have you ever tried to see if your feet can hold you?

There are so many things we tend not to try because we are scared of what they might bring us. Have you ever wondered what could have happened if after falling as a child, while learning to walk, you decided not to try anymore? There are times in which the ground feels like a convenient place, it feels like the right place to be but trust me it never is.

Does he hit you and you feel, if I take a stand he'll leave, do they bully you and you feel if I speak out they'll beat you up the more, does he harass you and you feel, if I speak out, I'll be laid off. Well, have you tried it yet?

Speaking out takes more than just you. Do you know the kids watch you every day to see what you'll do, other colleagues feel you might be brave enough to make the difference, whether you will take a stand? So what happens when you do nothing, the cycle goes on and on. Trust me, if it's not you, it'll be someone else.  Speaking out comes with its own risk, but since it’s for the right thing, we'll always come out as winners at the end.

Have you ever wondered what this moment would be without some of your stories, we say life has hit us down, but did life say you should never get up?

You deserve to be happy, take a stand

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