6 Foods That'll Fill You Up Faster

by - Friday, September 09, 2016

Healthy foods

A lot is going on around about weight loss foods but the stark truth is that no food is itself capable of burning your extra fat.  There is always a mechanism by which they induce or maintain weight loss. It is either they fill you up faster and therefore reduce your daily overall calorie intake or have fewer calories in content.

"Foods that contain fiber, protein, and plant-based fat tend to be the most satiating"

Whether you are on a weight loss plan or you are so busy you don't get to eat as much as the average woman does,  this list is the perfect bucket list. In this article,  you will discover 6 foods that fill  you up faster.


The fiber content of this quick meal is very high. It helps to fill you up faster. Good news is that it also aids your bowel movement. Isn't that awesome in just one package? You can eat your oats with milk, honey, fresh fruits etc. It's the perfect breakfast option for you.


Eggs are examples of perfect foods for filling up. And the calorie content is considerably low too. 70 calories per medium sized egg is enough bargain.


If you haven't read the post on Bananas and calories,  you can do that now. Bananas are dense in calories but they have such a quick filling ability that eating them moderately is an option.

Water melon

The high calorie content in water melon makes you fuller easily. It is one of the staple fruits we have around here.


Especially when eaten with bread,  it can take you on for a very long while. If you are Nigerian,  I guess you know of other perfect pairs : garri,  pap, yam, potatoes etc.


Apples are yummy. You can read the benefits of eating apples also in the health and fitness category of this blog. Apples will fill you up faster and get you satiated quickly. They are also very rich in antioxidants.

Which of these foods do you like best?

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