5 Reasons to Go Natural

by - Thursday, October 06, 2016

The world is going natural giiirrrrrrrl. It used to be the wack, local and non-modernized way to express your style back in those days but now it's not so. Many women have found so much expression in transitioning back into natural hair and it's just plain lovely. Whatever decision you make concerning your hair,  it's perfectly fine but if you are ever considering on going natural, here are some more reasons to help you never rescind on that decision.

It Saves Time and Money

Forget what everybody says about natural hair been more expensive to maintain than relaxed hair. I don't believe that it's the absolute truth. What you need for your natural hair to flourish are a good shampoo, conditioner, good oils and just a few more additions based on your natural hair needs. Except you want to be the Naturalista that wants to get any single new natural hair product she hears about, going natural saves your money of the weekly or bi-monthly hair making. You also don't have to spend hours in the salon styling it. You can learn how to Style your natural hair yourself.

It helps you boast of more resilient strands

Enough of the chemicals and additives. Your natural hair has stronger strands compared to chemically relaxed hair. You can boost of strands that will stick with you through thick and thin. Women, we want to have strong and healthy hair.

It helps you express yourself the way you want

In just one week you can style your hair in different ways depending on how creative you are. If you are willing to learn and experiment with styles, you'd be more comfortable expressing yourself through natural hair.

You will really learn your hair

With all the chemicals and treatment, you may find it difficult to really understand the nature of your hair and even it's true natural colour. Before I transitioned into natural hair, my hair used to be faintly brown and dull. I didn't like the colour. As soon as I went natural, my hair journey story changed.

A sense of belonging to a community

The Naturalistas community is a strong one and being one yourself helps to enjoy your hair journey. Tips abound so much and you can feel a sense of contributing to a healthy hair growth . The experience of other people transitioning and maintaining natural hair will help you learn how to take care of yours. This type of Hair community is not as strong on the other side.

Is your hair natural? Are you planning to transition into your natural hair soon? Let's share in your hair story.

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  1. I love seeing people with natural hair. It speaks of a certain courage and a beautiful defiance to the norm.
    But men I can't. Lol. I'm lazy. And I love chemicals. 😂

  2. Really? You should study Chemistry. Buahahahahahahahaaaa....


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