7 Signs He's Just Not Into You

by - Saturday, October 01, 2016

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We've mostly been there; the guesses,  confusion, anger. Is he into me? Does he even like me at all. One day he is sending the sweetest romantic love message, the next he is just so cold. What am I not doing well? Unfortunately, you are so into him you wish he would reciprocate. You love the idea of you two together but it's not just working.

It's beginning to sound like you are desperate but you don't want to be desperate. Some days you are just angry but you can't let go. Listen girl, many girls have been there, so you are not alone. You should also know that when a man loves you, he does. When he doesn't love you,  there is little you can do about that.

A man really into you doesn't leave you guessing. He doesn't even want another man to get the chance to get through to you. He wants to get it and get it right with you so all he thinks about is how to play his game perfectly. And if he is doing all that, you don't have to guess or wonder or wish, you would know.

If however you are still in doubt, here are tell tale signs that he is just not that into you :

1. He is always making excuses

If he goes for days without calling you,  he is not into you. When a man is into you,  he would spare just 60 seconds of the many seconds in a day to call you. A man who is not into you will keep telling you he is busy with this and that. If he is too busy for you, then he is too busy to be with you. When you really like someone, thoughts of them cross your mind often. You can't wait to be with them or hear their voice. You want to be close to them, you want to talk to them. You want to tell them about your day or a business contract gone wrong or a pesky neighbour or the mad traffic. If he doesn't even think about calling you once in at least two days, something isn't right somewhere.

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2. He withholds information about himself

Apart from the very easy information about someone,  like their best food,  best colour,  where they reside, some other details cannot be seen on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram. They would have to tell you. If a man is not straight with you about things that have to do with him,  he is not really into you. If you later found out his real name from another person,  he is definitely not into you. A man that is into you wants you to know some little little details other girls don't know. He wants you to know that he prefers Hollywood to Bollywood and that he would rather go for green than blue. He is to a considerable extent, honest about his opinions, views and details about his personal life. It is true that many people don't want to rush things up at the beginning of a relationship but lying isn't one of what someone really into you would keep doing.

3. He talks about his ex too frequently

There is something about a man not yet getting over his ex. It causes so much of trouble for the next girl. If on your first date, he mentions his ex a number of times not too comfortable for you, you might as well begin to make up your mind about where you stand or will stand with him in future. If subsequent dates don't make any difference then he might not be as into you as you would want him to. A man into you wants you to feel like the only woman in his life. He wants you to feel on top of the world. If possible, he wants you to even think you are the only one he has ever fallen deeply in love with.

4. You are not in his future

If after dating a man for a considerably long time and he doesn't even talk about you in his future, it might be wise for you to begin to make conclusions, he is not totally into you. Men are not confused babies, they know what they want. No man who loves you wants to waste your time. If he doesn't want to be with you for a long time, he should let you know. When he doesn't want you to meet his sister or his friends or even his co-workers, he is not into you as such. Stop pushing too hard.

5. He rarely listens

There are details about you that you share with him but he either never remembers or he doesn't just care. When someone is really into you,  he cares enough to remember that you have an interview to prepare for. When he also rarely lets you talk or express yourself the way you want, he probably doesn't like you like you think. Men want to listen to women they love. They want to hear them out. They want to support, they want to be there. When a man likes you very much, he lets you pour out all you want and he listens. Active listening is a sign that someone in interested in the affairs of your life. A man who is indifferent about your feelings doesn't like you.

6. Your dreams /passions /goals don't mean everything to him

A man who is into you wants to see you soar. If he keeps forcing what he thinks you should be passionate about,  he is not into you. A man who is into you lets you be your best. People who force things on other people don't care deeply about them. They only want to live their lives through them. If you have to always convince them about why you like a particular career and why it would make you fulfilled accomplishing something, then you are trying too hard to win their support.

7. He doesn't sponsor date bills

I know there is a lot of controversy about who should pay the bills, who should pay for the fare or purchase the movie ticket. No matter what stand you take, he should at least offer to. You can as well tell him that he doesn't have to ; you get to understand yourselves later  if the relationship is new. A man that is into you will offer to pay the date bills. He wants to be on his best, he wants to put up his best show. A man who is into you should want to impress you. If he doesn't care about what you think of him, he is not really into you.

So,  there you go- 7 unmistakable signs that he is just not that into you. Don't stay in a relationship where you have to guess where you stand with your partner. A man who is into you doesn't make it difficult for you to know.

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  1. Wow...i hope i am not of guilty of any or all. I don't think so though. Good job miss blogs

  2. Interesting...but worth to note that not all these works for every woman... For example, I know of a lady who DOESN'T do calls....and all that..
    Just know ur own love language, and if he doesn't care to "speak it", then he's not into you!


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