10 Proven Ways to Kill Boredom

by - Saturday, November 12, 2016

Girl feeling bored in a cafeteria
I hate boredom, and oh yeah,  I am not alone on this one. It drives me into slight depression sometimes if it takes too long. Some people find themselves in this pit of boredom more frequently than others and it's not an interesting place to be, I don't have to say. Here are ten proven ways to kill boredom and bury it for good.

1. Learn something new

Taking up any new challenge can get you into activity. It becomes exciting in the end if you eventually get very interested. Learn a new language, a new recipe, a new song, a new skill etc. Learning something new will not only kill boredom but add to your skills.

2. Cook a meal from scratch

Oh my,  there is nothing like what you bring out from your kitchen. It's fun having to prepare your ingredients and combine them into a meal. Slowly your boredom cycles away.

3. Read a novel

An interesting novel or one whose review you have read would be awesome. Pick up and  build up your imagination reading. In no time, boredom flies out the window.

4. Visit a friend

Friends are life. Having them for companionship is one of the best things of life. When you are feeling low,  it could be because you are all alone. I am usually a loner but when I spend too much time indoors, I become bored. At times like these,  I get dressed and go visiting.

5. Dance away

Get your groove on baby. Play one of your favorite songs and daaaaaaaaaance. Dancing is also a form of exercise. So while you are driving your boredom away,  you get to flex your muscles and exercise your body.

6. Call an exciting friend

All you need sometimes is an oral chat with a lively friend. Pick up your phone and place that call. Talking helps you find yourself and flip over from the slightly depressing moment. Boredom off your life may be just a call away.

7. Go on a date

You can go alone or with a friend. Give yourself the treat you have been wanting to. Go see new places, laugh and do silly things. Do Italian, do Chinese, African. Anything that'll make you feel like on the moon. That rapid excitement thrills you and eventually forces out the boredom.

8. Watch a movie

Yeah,  I loooooooooove movies. It's much better when I go to the cinema. The thrill of 3D and the fun of seeing people around during the movie is something to look forward to. Sometimes you are lucky to have people who won't dull, people who would cry like you would or scream. Break some cinema rules boy.

9. Clean up

Get up and clean up your room, your refrigerator, your kitchen. And this time,  for real. There's some sort of joy in cleaning up. Somehow that feeling of boredom disappears when you see what mess you have cleaned up.

10. Surf the Internet

Look up something you have been postponing. Who knows,  a research might stem up from there. For me,  I like to go on YouTube and watch musical auditions especially. And then Facebook! It's such a boredom killer for me. In there,  I meet vibrant, sarcastic, funny, rude, stupid, brilliant people. All shades of characters and heck yeah,  boredom disappears.

How do you kill boredom? Any more tips? Have a lovely weekend my beautiful people. I love y'all and I am serious about it.

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