Beautiful Ankara Styles to Sew Now

by - Monday, November 14, 2016

Hello people, it's a new week. How was the weekend? Was it for owambe or more work? You can't even tell these days when it's weekend or weekdays. I am buried in more work on weekends and I find myself telling myself to slow down.

Anyway,  I would like to show you some beautiful Ankara styles I saw on Instagram over the weekend. They are very lovely and I can't help but share. Unlike some people, I am that nice. Yes,  you can clap for me now. Hian...

Pink Ankara pinafore on a beautiful woman
Photo via @sivvewe01

Ankara jumpsuit with a brown bag
Photo via @bolagaga

Ankara armless skirt and top
Photo via @kathyanthony

Photo via @beautifulankarastyles

Beautiful Ankara skirt and blouse
Photo via @gtp_fashion

Photo via @izere20

Linda Ikeji on beautiful Ankara top
Linda Ikeji  on Ankara top 

Photo via @beautifulankarastyles
So,  which of these styles would you love to sew soon? Have a beautiful Week ahead.

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  1. These styles are beautiful. I am confused on which one I like best. Lol. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Buahahahahahahahaaaa.... Really? Let's conclude that you like everything.

  2. Lovely styles
    Thanks Esther for sharing!


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