What Women Really Want and other Weekend Links

by - Friday, November 18, 2016

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Heyo, what's pumping. The weekend is on us agaaaaaaaaaaaaain and it doesn't feel good. My week days and weekends are virtually alike. Nothing importantly different in my schedule. I however get to do more work and that's just not cool. It's when I have to clean up the house and do laundry. Argrrrrrrrh. I wish there was a cheap robot somewhere.

Well well well, I have some very interesting links for you to read. Enjoy :

What Women Really Want

Many of our relationships are based on assumptions, assumptions and more assumptions. We seem not to understand our partners deeply. It's usually a game of chance or guesses . Unfortunately, this doesn't always work. In fact, it may even backfire and cause either or both of the couple to get irrevocably hurt in the process . This article is a good eye-opener.

Taking Your Blog to the Next Level 

This is a good resource for bloggers. In fact,  a very good resource. It contains links,  many links to how to improve your blog, organize your blog,  get more blog traffic, etc.

How to do a Breast Self Examination 

It's not a common thing to have women know how to do a breast examination or how to do it properly. This article will show you how. It is important to share this with your women friends.

Popular Instagram Hashtags For Getting New Followers 

This is an article I read a very long time ago and thought to include it on this list. Instagram is a whole new market for bloggers that are starting out. In there,  you meet your prospective clients and influencers in your niche. But how do you find them,  how do they find you. Hashtags.

Video on Miracle Arms Growing 

I read about this rather absurd child's play on Facebook and decided to go check it out. I honestly do not understand what miracles mean to some folks but on a personal level,  if this news is as true as it is,  it is appalling and irrelevant. I hope we find space in our hearts to dwell on more important things.

Why Orgasm Feels so Good 

This was yesterday. I don't frigging know what I was looking for on the Internet. I stumbled on this I thought it would interest you.

It's another weekend. What are your plans?

Have a beautiful weekend and pleeeeeeeeeease, don't forget to subscribe to my blog. Ciao.

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  1. I am looking forward to reading those links. And may I say you have a great blog here. The aesthetics are wowing. Keep it up.

    1. Thank you very much for stopping by. I will definitely keep this up.


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