How to Predict Your Next Menstrual Date

by - Monday, December 05, 2016

You know how embarrassing it is to be surprised by your visitor in public. I have never had to face that because I have  a week of loud pre-menstrual symptoms. No warning is as loud as that so I know how to respect myself.

To be able to accurately predict your next menstrual date, you will have to keep a record for 3 to 4 months. Keeping a record of your date is not only good for predicting your next menstrual cycle, it helps you to know your fertility days. It also helps you to have a decent record to show your gynecologist during your quarterly or yearly visit.  It shows you are responsible and taking actions about your sexual health.

This rule of prediction doesn't apply to every woman because some of us (including me) have irregular periods. I just have a log of entry for who knows? If after keeping your menstrual record for a period of time, you see regularity, it is safe to conclude that you can predict your next period date. You can keep your record in a note or calendar. There are also many beautiful apps for calculating and recording your menstrual cycle.

Now that you have a record, you can determine how many days your cycle is from day one to day one of the next period. Do this for each cycle, then average the numbers. For example, if your last four cycles were: Cycle One - 29 days, Cycle Two - 31 days, Cycle Three - 31 days, Cycle Four - 30 days. Add up the number of days, divide by 4 months, and you get an average of 30 days. With that number, you can predict the first day of your next period when adding 30 days to the last. So, if my last period started on February 3, I add 30 days and come up with March 5 for the first day of my next period.

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