What Important Lesson Did You Learn in 2016?

by - Saturday, December 31, 2016

Hellooooooooooooo peeeeeeoooooople. 2016 is oooooooover. I am so excited. I am because I can't wait to get into 2017! 2016 hasn't been good for me, especially emotionally. I went through a lot of pain and emotional stress. I know I am only talking about my emotional life but hey, an unstable emotional life is terribly destructive. It can ruin every other aspect of living if care is not taken.

I look forward to a more stable emotional life in 2017.

What Important lesson did you learn in 2016?  Just one. I will say mine in the comments section. So,  let's go. 

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  1. I learnt that we should not worry over things we can't control.

  2. I learnt that u shld never trust anyone completely.

  3. Everything will be fine,just pray n trust God

  4. I leart that God has a purpose for everything we are going through in our lives so in everything nd anything we go through, we should keep our heads high because God has got our backs!


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