MMM is Back! and Other Weekend Links

by - Friday, January 13, 2017

Hello my people. How has the week been? Mine has been very productive. If you are my friend on Facebook you'd have contracted my glow and joy. I got a workstation to blog and that is the best good news of the year so far. I am currently typing this from where I work now.

Below are my favorite links for the week.

1. MMM is back a day ealier. Nawa o, you people and tension. I hope you can now break your fast. I hope this resumption will not cause more problems o, ehn...Okay.

2. Vaginal douching fact sheet.

3. Best foods to eat when you are on your period.

4. Ditch the new year resolutions!

5. 10 Ways you are making your life harder than it's supposed to be.

6. I loved 'Diamond' cover by One voice Children Choir

7. Hit it big with page views in the first month of launching your blog.

8. You can learn simple and quick SEO basics for bloggers here. This place is a good start.

Which of these links did you find interesting? Please let me know in the comments section

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  1. The one voice kids are just are adorable. You hear the innocence in their voices. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, they are just awesome. I have always liked the innocence in their notes.


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