I can design a beautiful wedding blog for you

by - Friday, June 02, 2017

Beautiful bride

Are you getting married soon? Do you have a friend who is getting married soon? I can design a wedding blog for you.

What is a wedding blog? 

It is a blog where details pertaining to your wedding are listed.

What does a wedding blog contain? 

-Wedding venues and addresses.
-Names of brides maids and grooms men.
-Show off of pre-wedding pictures.
-'How we met ' stories of both bride and groom.
-Theme song (if there is any) for the wedding.
-A beautiful photo gallery.
-Contact details.

Why you need a wedding blog

-There is ease of transfer of information from couples and their families to the prospective wedding guests. Just give them a go-to spot.

-A wedding blog provides an avenue for the couples to allow their guests go through the wedding preparations with them.

-You have a platform for yourself.  It can be as private or as public as you want it to be.

-What about having your friends and family air their opinions about your wedding gown or traditional attire?  It is sure fun to have them choose with you.

- Easily collect and share your beautiful photos.

-You can also manage guest lists, RSVPs and meal requests through your wedding blog.

-You have an online album for yourself after the wedding. You just give out the address and family and friends are checking through

Here is a demo for you

These are the simple requirements for a beautiful wedding blog

Full names of couple
X weds Y
Couple Self Introduction
IV design
Proposal story
Proposal photos
'Our love story' / 'How we met'
Engagement photos
Bridesmaids pictures
Bridesmaids (brief intro)
Groomsmen pictures
Groomsmen (brief intro)
Wedding venue,  date and time
Invitation message
Pre-wedding Pictures
Bridal shower pictures


Make up photos/shoot
Bridesmaids group photo shoot
Couple photos
Groomsmen photo shoot


Picture Gallery
Our first dance video

If you will like something put together for your wedding you can send me a mail at [email protected] and we will take it up from there. It is also very affordable, I promise.

Photo credit: Instagram via @ms_asoebi

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