Olori Ofada (Ofada Stew) Recipe

by - Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Ofada stew is the life and essence of Ofada rice. I mean, without this Olofi Ofada proper, your ofada rice is going to taste like your normal rice. This is absolutely not what we want, right? We want the aroma, the taste and even the seductive appeal of the ofada stew.

You would be miles away and know that something is going on when someone is preparing ofada stew, the correct one biko. In this blog post, I will show you how to make the Ofada stew well, the one that no one can resist. Oya, let's go:


1. Green ata rodo (unripe pepper)
2. Tatashe or Bawa ( preferably green too)
3. Locust beans
4. palm oil/ groundnut oil
5. Onions.
6. crayfish (optional)
7. Assorted meat (inu Eran), fish, Beef e.t.c.
8. Eggs (optional)
9. Salt and seasoning

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1. Boil eggs and remove shell,  keep in a separate plate.
2. Cook the meat till it is soft and tender, cut into small pieces and put in a separate plate.
3. Wash and blend ata rodo, tatase or bawa, and onions together.
4. Put a dry pot on a cooking stove.
5. Bleach oil till it becomes light in colour
6. Pour the pepper mixture
7. Stir and cover and allow to cook for some time.
8. Add salt and seasoning to taste
9. Add locust beans
10. Add the meat and fish and stir
11. Add the boiled eggs and allow it to simmer
12. Serve with Ofada rice when it gets done and thick
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1. It's better to use palm oil than any other oil to make the stew less peppery.
2. If you cannot get unripe/green pepper you can use ripe/red pepper and make sure you blend locust beans with it to bring out that brownish colour Olori Ofada/ ofada stew has.
3. Blend plenty onions together with the pepper,  it also makes it less peppery.
4. After adding everything you need to add to the stew while cooking,  you don't have to cover the pot while still cooking, it will make the stew to get thick easily.

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