Smooth, lumpless semo in 10 minutes!

by - Wednesday, August 02, 2017

One of the major challenges people have is preparing semo without lumps. Sometimes your semo is set and it's not smooth at all. It's kinda frustrating in a way because food presentation is as important as taste. Semo that is not smooth can ruin all of your plans in this regard.

Let's see how to make smooth semo in very short time:

For Semovita preparation,  you will need the following ingredients and untensils:

1.  Semovita/Semolina (any brand of your choice)
2.  Water
3.  A wooden spatula

                     PREPARATION OF SEMO

1. Put a pot of water on a cooking stove.

2.  Cover the pot and let the water get heated but not to a boiling level/point.

3 Add semo little by little and then stir continuously till the water looks Milky in colour.

4. Cover the pot and let the mixture boil.

5. Add semo little by little again and stir continuously till you achieve a smooth consistency and your desired texture.

6. Serve hot with any soup of your choice.

N. B: 1. If the semo texture is too thick for you while still preparing it,  you can add little water either hot or cold and allow it to boil, then stir again. This time around you don't have to add any more Semo.

2. Do not make the texture of your semo to be too thick because the more it gets cold,  the more it becomes thick/hard.

                                                              Bon Appetit
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