You don't have to be an entrepreneur to be successful!

by - Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugu gave me another perspective to seeing the career life as a woman. While I would love to end up an online entrepreneur, I see the constant undermining of women at the office and organized work places. 

Entrepreneurship knowledge is on the increase and that is just about another great way to free us from the shackles of financial bondage in a country where graduates are aimlessly roaming about. While this is commendable, I see the need to begin to celebrate building a career in the organized workplace. 

You don't have to be an entrepreneur to be successful, celebrated or financially fit. It doesn't always have to be entrepreneurship and personal business to climb to the top in your career. If you have chosen a path in a field, in an industry, in a niche, you can climb up the ladder to the top. You can trump your way to the top. Don't forget that you can have your side hustle as an entrepreneurial setup.

Read what Evelyn Oluwole writes on Bella Naija

"With the power of social media, there is an underlining expectation to become an entrepreneur. You are celebrated when you say you have your own business and you are deemed a brave person for ‘taking the risk’. And that may very well be true, but I feel we don’t celebrate those who work for employers enough. 

In a world where we see only part of the journey, the desires to become an entrepreneur is the standard, but what about working for a company. Why is the journey up that ladder overlooked?

Here are my tips on taking over the world whilst working for a company
At your interview, you promised you would deliver, so make sure that is your priority every day. As you walk out of the office every day, ask yourself:  ‘have I worked my hardest today?’ If not, pull your weight and get better.

Be a solution generator
It is so easy to identify the problems, but senior management is looking for people who will bring solutions to the table. Be that person – because that person is the next in line to be promoted.

Network at lunchtime
Oh, I know that feeling, you have been busy in the last 3 hours and you just want to eat a sandwich, check your feed and go back to work. NO! You have got to get around the building, get to know people and not just from your department. Be concerned about the overall business.

Do more 
Yes, I know your job description says you must do this but what about getting involved in other things. After all you want a senior position down the line, so it’s actually crucial that you get involved in other aspects of the business.

Read more industry articles
You need to know what is affecting your company and the industry at large so you have an informed opinion and can effectively contribute. There is so much knowledge on the Internet, get browsing.

Build a relationship with your skip manager
That is your manager’s manager! Why? Because they know the future of your manager and if you want to get higher then you need to have a rapport with the people that matter.

Pay it forward 
I cannot stress this enough. There are so many people wanting to be in your position. Help them up and watch someone else help you higher!

Take advantage of training
Engage with the learning and development department on training. If there isn’t anything relevant for you, then ask for it and demonstrate why it would make your role better. You must invest in you, and so should your employer. Take advantage of it!

Never forget that people buy people. Be approachable and engage with people – from the cleaner to the CEO.

Get a Mentor
We all know that this is important but very few of us do it. A mentor can help your career growth is so many ways from learning how to be a better worker, understanding the politics within the company, learning the challenges so that you can be the solution. The list is endless. Let this be the first thing you do this week; and don’t worry, a leader would never refuse to be a mentor! "

Adapted from: Bella Naija

Photo credit : Black Girls Graduate

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