Everybody Is A Genius - How To Know Your Talent

by - Saturday, October 21, 2017

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That topic above is inspired by a quote I found on Pinterest which is by Albert Einstein. The quote says;

"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." ~ Albert Einstein

Deep quote right? Yeah. I find Pinterest very informative and useful in finding quotes and ideas. It is a very fantastic application, very very valuable. You should try it out.

So! Everybody is a genius. That statement...

Well, it is so true and correct. Everybody is a genius intheir own way. In their own special way. And what is that way? Talent. We hear "Find your talent! Know what you're good at!" Well, no matter how cliché those statements sound, they are so right. I decided to look up the word "Talent" in my phone's English dictionary and here's what I found;

Talent: A marked natural ability or skill. And then they put an example; "The man has a talent of touching his nose with his tongue."

Individual talent is what makes everyone a genius. Albert said a fish would think itself stupid if you or itself judged it by its ability to climb a tree. Yes! It's true! We all know a fish's natural skill or talent is not in climbing a tree but in swimming. Their natural habitat isn't even on land but in water. So what makes a fish fascinating to a human? Its uncommon ability to swim and live under water. Humans don't have this.

So, life is about finding what you're good at and making the most use of it to serve humanity or even the universe at large. Comedians, actors, writers, public speakers, musicians and a whole lot more all hone into their skills to thrill people and also make a living. If they are not talented in that area, you'll see they'll quickly die out or people won't really appreciate them. So, the key is find what you're genius at. Look for it... It's there. There is nobody born without a natural talent. We all have purpose we've come to fulfill in life. Talents are usually in line with that purpose. Your talent is what makes you a genius. It's what you'll sell to people and people would wholeheartedly embrace and buy. Because the way you do that thing you do is so amazing. People are willing to pay for it. That is Talent.

But some of us still struggle in finding our unique call. What's that special thing I am good at? What's my unique purpose? What natural ability did God put in me to use to serve humanity? That's one question I have always asked myself as well. And believe me, I am still on my path to finding it. You're reading this because it's part of my purpose or purposes on earth. To inspire you, counsel you to find your unique call. Probably my purpose is to counsel... Maybe. We'll see..

So, I decided to do a little bit of research and I came up with five bullet points on how you can know that unique call. I am no expert but research allows one to gather information even experts can't gather. Because even experts don't know it all.. And guess what? Bring your ear... I love to research!...

So below are five things to do to know that unique purpose, to know your talent;

1. Think about your hobbies. What is it about those hobbies that makes you love them so? What do they center around?

I love reading articles that enlighten me wherever I can find them. I love to read self help articles and books especially in areas I know little about. It turns out that I also have a talent in writing. So my hobbies are due to an inner urge to help people out, to inspire through writing. Although I am still discovering, uncovering my inner self.

2. Search Yourself. Think.. Dig. Seek your talent and you will find it.

3. Try new things that intrigue you. You never can tell, your talent might be there. If you try one and you haven't found still, pick another one. Don't give up searching. It's the ultimate search.

4. What makes you forget to eat? What keeps you awake at 3am? What are you willing to withstand hardships that you wouldn't allow normally? In there may lie your talent. Probe yourself. I probed. And I am still discovering.

5. Ask your loved ones what they think is your unique talent. Or if you have the money find a life or career coach or Psychologist. Ask basically.

So, maybe in those questions you were able to discover it, then high five! But if you're still searching, please keep looking. Persistence and perseverance are keys. Please unlock your talent with them. Be patient okay? You'll find it. Just don't give up probing.

So, now you see everyone is really a genius right? It all lies in finding your own genius Sweetie. Nobody is talentless. Dig deep and you'll find yours.

Yours Love,


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