Fearless Worship Album: Tim Godfrey Releases Track List

by - Sunday, October 22, 2017

Fearless Worship Album- Tim Godfrey

Since the announcement of The Fearless Concert, the Fearless Worship Album became the most anticipated gospel album of the year 2017 in not only Nigeria but in the entirety of Africa. 

I mean, Kirk Franklin had been featured in that concert! “Fearless WRSHP” is by the multi talented gospel singer Tim Godfrey and its track list is out.

Fearless Wrshp Album is a 16 track album with its most popular single as “Walking Miracle”. The whole album is expected to drop on the 3rd of November but you can pre-order the Fearless Worship Album here

View the Fearless Worship track list below:
1. So Good
2. Nobody (feat. IBK)
3. Nobody Reprise
4. Ahaa
5. Walking Miracle
6. Bless the Lord
7. Chizobam
8. Jigidem
9. Bigger
10. Thank God
11. Omeyowa
12. Gbemisoke (feat. IBK)
13. Akpoaza
14. Alright
15. War Cry
16. Naija War Medly

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