(Lyrics) Siyabonga Nkosi (Thank You Lord) by Tolu Felicity

by - Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Siyabonga Nkosi (Thank You Lord)- Tolu Felicity

Siyabonga!! Siyabonga!!
Ailelemama Siyabonga!! Siyabonga!!
Siyabonga Jesu
Siyabonga Jehovah, Nkulunkulun
Siyabonga Nkosi

Thank you Jesus, thank you Jehovah
You are the greatest, thank you my Lord
Onise Iyanu, there is know one else like
Asoro matase, Oba tiko lafiwe
Creator of the universe
I worship you are Majesty
Apase irorun, Alase orun
Wagbayin wagbope

Ese o Jesu, Ese O Jehovah
Eleburuke, Ese Oluwa
Imela Jesus
Imela Jehovah

Nda avo, Ada ebeba wame
Nda avo, Nda avo
Nda avo ohomorihi avo
Anayamba, Ogodogodo Onuvo metu
Ohomorihi Ada Ebeba Avo
Ailele mama

Siyabonga Jesu

Lyrics source: Gospel Lyrics

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