Skinny Girl in Transit Season 4: My Best Characters so far

by - Friday, October 27, 2017

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Have you been watching Ndani TV's Skinny Girl in Transit Season 4? After the last episode of Season 3 where Mide and Tiwa officially became lovers, I gave up on the continuity of the series. You should see the look on my face when I got to learn that there was going to be Skinny Girl in Transit and it would be a season 4. Wawu! I know these guys know how to keep on making these stories last, I mean, look at Jenifa's Diary.

Oh my, one time, you would think, this story might taper to an end now. Another time it's up and flowing and it's great as it is. Y'all movie guys must be that creative, I give it to you.

One of my colleagues is a script writer and he talks about how things take different turns depending on how creative the writer is. Well done is all I can say. So Skinny Girl in Transit. Well, if you have been reading the Movie segment in here, you won't find it difficult to realize that I am obsessed with this series. I meeeeeeeaaaaan….

I am beginning to form a bond with these characters and really, who wouldn't? You can't be following the series like I am and not be stayed on one or two of them. I want to tell you my best three of all of them.

3. Ngozi Nwosu (who is Tiwa's mother in SGIT)

Nitori Oloun! Tiwa's mother is the typical example of an African mother, hia! From poking her nose into her children’s relationships to scolding Shalewa like a toddler. One time she is acting all sweet and saintly, the next, she is ridiculously overbearing. I loved Ngozi's execution of her character. It was smooth and accurate. Her facial expressions are all I need to be rolling all over the floor.

2. Abisola Aiyeola (who is Didi in SGIT)

You see, Bisola has so many talents and acting is one prominent one. Her role as a friend to Tiwa has a lot of life lessons attached. Do you remember how much I gushed about Toyo in Jenifa’s Diary? I love the essence of having a friend that understands, sees all of your flaws and loves you regardless. Oh, Bisola’s acting in Skinny Girl in Transit was way awesome. She is funny and all alert.  

1. Sharon Ooja (who is Shalewa in SGIT)

So so so! Shalewa is the beeeeeeeest of all of the characters in Skinny Girl in Transit especially in season 4. I had even gone to gush about her on Facebook and oh yes, my friends agreed.

Sharon Ooja was the perfect fit to fill in for the naughty sister role. It came so natural for her. She probably is the naughty little sister in reality. I loved to watch her act and be jealous. One life lesson I learned from her role in Skinny Girl in Transit season 4 is that you cannot afford to compare your life’s journey with another person. It doesn’t even matter if this other person is your sister.

If you are watching SGIT, you would remember how she began to put so much pressure on Mohammed because Tiwa and Mide (Ayoola Ayolola) did things together. (By the way Mide in Skinny Girl in Transit was good. He must be that romantic in real life, lol. Fine boy, hihihihihihi).

In essence, your relationship journey is unique. If you are unique, why won’t your relationship be anyway? And to think that you are forging something with someone from an entirely different background, of course, you are going to produce something that is definitely not the same as what as anyone’s

Alright guys, what do you think about Skinny Girl in Transit Season 4? Are you watching the series? Who are your favourite characters? Let’s meet in the comments section. 


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  1. Mide is my favourite, that guy is all shades of romantic. The ways he adores Tiwa����

    Didi is that one friend everyone must have, quite frank with Tiwa

    I pitied Shalewa in last week's episode tho

    1. Awwwwwn, I pitied Shalewa too. The mistake she made is now coming to haunt her in various forms. Even people at home mention it everytime and that's like better compared to what she went to receive in that store. What an embarrassment!

  2. Especially, I like the fact that the script writers try to put in extra details that has little really to do with the characters. Or maybe it has. you know, like when Tiwa's mum would be having intense morning exercises. Lol i like that

  3. I love SGIT and Didi is hands down my favorite character.