How to tie the fan gele in very easy steps

by - Wednesday, November 22, 2017

How to tie the fan gele. Beautiful woman with blue fan gele on her head

Of all the types of gele styles, the fan gele seems to be one of the most difficult types of gele styles. How to tie the fan gele was one of my sister's most difficult procedures when she was taking makeup and gele classes.

Sometimes forming the pleats and retaining it on the fan gele can be tasking. This is not to talk of how firm you have to make your hands so as to achieve an overall beautiful fan gele. The other day tying the six yards gele was the issue, now we all want to know how to tie the fan gele.

I guess we did not come to play in this gele business. We are no longer staying with the simple and mama eccentric types of geles. New styles of geles have evolved babe. You get in the groove or you stay stale! We are going to rock this town with this fan gele stuff, I promise.

I present to you a very easy procedure on how to tie the fan gele. It is one of the easiest fan gele tutorial I have ever seen. It is not as complicated as the ones you see everywhere. In addition to the fact that this is a simple procedure, it is a practical one.

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Watch the video on how to tie the fan gele by Molurlah's Makeover below:

What do you think of this tutorial video on how to tie the fan gele? Will you try to tie the fan gele style soon? Let me hear what you think in the comments section.

Photo credit : TY Pearls Blog 

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