Lagos Traffic : 7 Fun Things to do when you are stuck

by - Tuesday, November 07, 2017

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So, Lagos traffic, the sickening thing many Lagos residents have to go through every day. To even think that there is a Lagos traffic app makes the whole of this the more hilarious. They say it is to show current Lagos traffic and I think that makes sense anyway.

Okay, I know this is not a joke. People swear by how bad this is. Lagos traffic can ruin your day abeg. Imagine having to be stuck for hours unending. Another annoying thing about traffic in Lagos is that sometimes it is unpredictable. You just get on the road and you are stuck. Gosh!

The Apapa traffic gridlock was particularly a menace. I don't know the update now, I hope it's better. Let's not even talk about traffic on Lagos Ibadan expressway or traffic report on Ikorodu road. The Lekki traffic update is a great way to stay on top and not get stuck.

This city is densely populated and the roads are bad but sometimes you just can't point the causes of Lagos traffic. Everything is just meddled up and all in a second, there is no where to pass. Have you heard about the new Lagos traffic law? You should check that up on Google. I think this is a step forward for drivers who are impatient, reckless and just generally sick.

On my way from Obalende yesterday ( news flash :I rarely go out. I am working on this boring part of my blogger life), I got stuck in traffic. This was 7pm ish. Well, how else did I ever get this blog post idea?

I had a lot of time to think and just be; one ridiculous benefit of Lagos traffic.
You guys, see how you got me stuck in eko. Uhn? A long term friend of mine chatted me up yesterday and said, 'so you are now a proper Lagosian, uhn'.... I am like, 'errrrrr...'

Okay, so I know that there is nothing fun about Lagos traffic but we just have to keep on moving you know. Let's see what fun stuff you can do.

1. Reach out to family and friends

The hustle and bustle of Lagos is mad. Very very mad. If you don't watch it, you are going to lose touch with your folks. It's such a crazy routine. Wake up, go to work, come back from work, traffic in between, sleep.

Take this time to chat up your brother, call your long term friend. Wish a friend a happy birthday, tell someone special you love them. Connect okay, just connect.

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2. Listen to music

You can create a traffic play list. Ah, yes o. You cannot come and die o. Just go add some feel good songs to a Play list and be on a musical roll.

Nod your head, dance if you want to. This is Lagos. I have been here long enough to know that while you think people cared, they were thinking of dinner and their beds and their babies.

3. If it's traffic on 3rd mainland bridge, just enjoy nature

Remind yourself to stop for a while. Just stop and be calm. In between boarding and alighting, you can just be still and do nothing. If you are in there, don't think about the current traffic in third mainland bridge, just enjoy the cool breeze on the bridge.

4. Listen to radio, finally

Well, this is if you are in your car. Thing is this, if you are always stuck in Lagos traffic around the same time of the day, just create a routine around it. You can just get stuck with a program that keeps you sane.

You are probably never going to listen to radio ever again during the day so make the most of traffic time.

5. Rant about Lagos traffic on social media

Oh well, you are going to have Lagos traffic mates on social media. This is especially if you are talking about this during Lagos rush hours.

So, tweet about it, go scream on Facebook. Take a traffic picture for your Instagram followers. Create an interesting conversation online if you are up to it. If you want this more personal, just go update your whatsapp status and get your whatsapp buzzing. Hehehe..You can also check Lagos traffic twitter for updates on traffic in Lagos to know where to avoid.

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6. File your nails

Ahahahahahahah... Lol. I bet, you rarely have the time to look after your own personal grooming. Or maybe you do. Whatever. Just clean your nails. Traffic in Lagos is finally bad turn good after all.

7. Watch a movie

So I used to reserve some movies for traffic. I remember watching some of my favorite movies in traffic. I watched them bit by bit. It was more exciting for me that way. Some people don't like that idea anyway.

Just get cool movies and immerse yourself. If you ever miss your bus stop, that's on you. Sorry.

What fun things do you do in Lagos traffic?


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  1. Hahahahaha this is a good one. Lagos traffic can do many heads in. Nice tips shared.

  2. Lmao. Lagos traffic is the worst, I tell ya! But with the heat and stuff, I doubt I'll even be in the mood for No. 1.

    1. Ahahahahahahah. Play music then. Nod the traffic heat away.

  3. You got that part of unpredictable right. I experienced that Apapa gridlock thingy, it was terrible. Niuce suggestions, i mostly use time in transit/traffic to catch up on my non-work related issues, like publish a post on the blog, edit a post, catch up on social media or a particular book i'm reading and i could just use the time to rest/think/plan.

    1. Wow... I like the way you utilize traffic time.

  4. So relatable and you can never get use to the whole traffic wahala just roll with it.

  5. Haha! There's a Lagos traffic app? I'm going to download it straight away. I sometimes work on the Island and I'm using torn as to which route to take to avoid traffic- the Obalende route or the CMS route.

    The tips you gave are helpful. I'd ensure to employ the ones I can when next I'm in traffic.

    1. Yeah. I think the traffic app indicates lesser traffic areas and stuff. It should be of help, I hope.

  6. Hehehe...
    I always avoid Apapa like the plague because the traffic there is unbearable coupled with all those scary containers that you will be seeing left and right.
    I always like to catch up on my precious sleep especially if i left the house really early in the morning.

    1. Those containers are scary abeg. I hope that place is better now o. Hia!

      When I catch up on sleep this way, I wake up with a bad headache.

  7. There is a Lagos traffic app? Ndi serious!!!

    1. I got to learn about the traffic app yesterday. Didn't know there was anything like that.

  8. Lagos Traffic can really cause one to be cranky. I may need to check out the traffic app. I need a breather, honestly. I get home so exhausted.

    By the way, your blog is addictive!

    1. A lot of people seem to be interested in this Lagos traffic app o. Shey I won't go check it out and talk about it laidis?

      Thank yoooooooou. A friend had told me about my addictive blog just yesterday. I have made it in life!