Top 10 Fun Places to Visit in Ilorin

by - Tuesday, January 30, 2018

If I still know 1, 2, 3 well, I think I spent 7 years of my life in Ilorin, Kwara state. Unlike everybody, I found that there are also fun places to visit in Ilorin. I know, without a doubt that these fun and amazing spots may not be as many as those of what we have in Lagos but, still, there are.

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So, this post! It is more like a tribute to the town in which I spent all of my tertiary eductaion life. Thank God for Univeristy of Ilorin and some of the other tertiary institutions in Kwara state. I would like to think that the migration of students and workers from Lagos and all parts of Nigeria has made more fun. 

So, I made a compilation of fun places you can visit when next you land in Ilorin. 

1. Palms Shopping Mall

Palms shopping mall, Ilorin

Palms shopping mall is the place to go if you are looking for a one-stop place to shop and just have fun in Ilorin., You can visit Shoprite, KFC and other big and reputable stores. 

2. Viva Cinemas

Viva Cinemas, Ilorin

Hello, movie lovers! Viva cinemas is one of the biggest in Ilorin and probably the best for now. You can go there to unwind. 

3. Princess Luxury Hotels

princess luxury hotels Ilorin

If you like plenty fun, you will likely be around people who swear by Princess Luxury hotels. It's one of the best in town. 

4. Iya Yusuf Restaurant

This restaurant has earned its name from not only delicious but affordable meals. The range of meals they also have is quite wide for just about anybody to choose from.

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5. Sister Biggs, University of Ilorin

This is like the big girls spot in Unilorin. If you plan to visit Unilorin, you can have your lunch there. I can't vouch for their meals, I don't like many of them. They are usually tasteless. I feel, it's just a good environment to relax, that's all. 

6. Rhema Chapel, Ilorin

For Christians who love youthful, lively, fun churches with good community of believers and support, Rhema Chapel, Ilorin is the bomb. COZA too.

7. Succoth Garden

You can have picnics, events and family get-togethers at Succoth Garden, Ilorin. It is very cool and serene. Succoth Garden, Ilorin, is also the best place to get a YES. 

8. Oke Odo, Tanke

Talk about Item 7, suya spots at night, Bekandims hotel, shawarma, lively and loud students, you will find the Lagos razz ones too. Oke Odo, Tanke is the heart of Ilorin. The next place after Oke Odo is Tipper Garage.

9. T & K Restaurant

This restaurant is popular amongst lovers and couples. If you are looking to catch some food fun with your boo or bae, land at T & K.

10. Ilorin Golf Club

This is a great spot for elites who want to unwind. It is an 18-hole public golf course, a spot where you can both network and have fun. 

Have you been to Ilorin? Do you live in Ilorin? Share with me other fun spots in the city. 

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