I am glad to have you interested in advertising on my blog. Esther Adeniyi's Blog is available to advertise and collaborate with brands that align with the theme and voice of the blog. I would be particularly interested in feminine based brands and outlets. I would also be excited to work with brands in other industries that are linked to the overall well-being and life optimization of a woman. Examples are food, music, travel, movies etc. Advertisements just have to conform to the voice of the blog overall.

Below are my advertising options

Social Media Shouts -  Instagram pictures and/or Facebook mentions.
Sponsored Posts - Copy written by you. This is subject to edits by me. 
Side Banner - 300 x 270; 30-day period. 
Leader board - 900 × 150 ; 30-day period. 

Please Contact

For advert placement and enquires, please send a mail to [email protected]